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Financial planning
We meet with each client to understand their objectives and concerns. Our objective is to understand a client’s full financial picture. A customized financial plan is then developed which serves as a roadmap for the client’s investment strategy.

Investment management
The construction of our client investment portfolio is based on a disciplined, intelligent strategy to generate return while actively managing downside risk. We go beyond the classic “stocks and bonds” asset allocation by classifying investments according to their role in the portfolio--Growth, Income, Risk Management and Liquidity. We combine these drivers into an allocation customized for a client’s goals and risk tolerances.

We also believe the domestic and global economy runs in cycles. These cycles affect the stock market and interest rates. By understanding how these cycles affect investments, we work to earn steady, solid investment return using conservative techniques.

We understand that minimizing costs are a key component to generating consistent long term returns. To minimize expense for our clients, we primarily use Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), no-load funds, and low fee separate account managers. By keeping turnover relatively low, we work to reduce capital gain taxes and transaction costs.

Financial review
Constant communication is an important part of our client relationships. On an ongoing basis, we review with clients the activity in their accounts and their overall financial lives. In addition, we periodically revisit their goals and objectives to ensure we are on track. This communication enables us to provide outstanding service as well as helps us respond quickly if there is a major change in a client’s financial position.
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