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Client Stories

Realizing Your Financial Goals
After many years of building successful careers and raising a wonderful family, a couple was ready to retire, see the world, buy a vacation home and start giving back to their community—We helped them put a plan together to reach their goals and managed their finances to live the life they now wanted to live.

Securing Your Future
After many years of marriage, an elderly woman loses her husband to cancer. The concerned family wants to make sure that mom’s finances are in order and that she makes the right decisions for herself—We worked with the family to conservatively invest mom’s money and monitor her spending to make sure she is comfortable and secure for the rest of her life.

Investing For The Family
A couple who has saved sporadically over the years suddenly inherits a large sum of money. They want to put their children through college, remodel their house and save a large portion for retirement--We helped them prioritize their goals, allocate their money and invest it appropriately for each purpose.

Creating a Plan
A woman separates from her husband and ultimately receives a large settlement through the divorce. Having never been involved in the management of her family’s money, she feels overwhelmed being back in the workforce and planning for her financial future—We helped her put her finances in order and gave her a long term strategy to carry her through to a comfortable retirement.
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